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New tours from Southern Columbia AP European History students on the World History page

I am happy to report that History Tours was named the #1 Google Earth tool for teachers by highdefteacher.com! You can read the article here.

What is the History Tours Project?
History Tours is a collaborative website that gives teachers access to pre-made Google Earth tours on various topics in American and World history. These tours provide an excellent backdrop for visual learning. They allow students to view people and places of historical importance while the teacher presents essential background knowledge.

Teachers are encouraged to submit their own work or save a copy of the tours posted by the page organizers. There is also a discussion section where teachers can post ideas and/or provide feedback. Creating a history tour is an excellent example of a project-based assessment that promotes higher order thinking skills. All teacher and student generated tours can be considered for inclusion on the wikispace.

Who are the page organizers?
In short, we are two social studies teachers, turned technology coaches, turned back into social studies teachers from central Pennsylvania.
Jason Heiser is a technology specialist and social studies teacher at Selinsgrove High School.
Ian McCoog is a technology specialist and social studies at Southern Columbia High School and is also the author of the "Stories of America" blog.

History Tours is not affiliated with and/or sponsored by Google Inc.
You need Google Earth installed on your computer to view the tours.

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