Non-Google Earth Services and Alternative Tours

This page is for materials which don't fit in the World or U.S History heading as a History Tour but are part of the Social Studies curriculum. Additionally, there are links below to alternative services which can be used to create a tour. These services are web-based and in most cases give you some general functionality of a what would be a basic tour. A basic tour is one which includes pins (of some kind) and information about the location marked by the pin.

Geography Tours Section

Below is our first Geography tour using the 5 themes of Geography.
This recently updated tour is a look at the 5 themes of Geography of Lewisburg, PA. In this tour students will get some information on what the 5 themes are and see their application in a community. This tour gives a nice look and feel for what you can do with GE. Additionally, teachers can use this same idea as a model for how to get your students in touch with their community.

Notes: In this tour there is a number of Flash media from Glogster, SlideShare, Scribd, and a flash document created for my classroom. Additionally, there is an assignment attached to the tour for the teacher or student to use through Scribd. Teachers/students will need a Scribd account to download or print. This document is a rubric and you are welcome to download, use, and, if necessary, change to meet your classrooms needs. If you or you students don't have a Scribd account the rubric for the assignment is below:

Alternative Services to Create Tours without Google Earth:

Create full 3D Google Earth files

Create Free Interactive Maps

Create Embeddable Flash Based Maps

Create a Web-based Map and Download the Kml