EDITING AND FORMATTING TAGS 1. PARAGRAPH AND BODY TAG Body tag all for the user to type information and add content here by using this tag you'll have the ability to change the color of the background in GE Now ADD: text="yellow" in this tag. link="yellow" align="center" Copy this if your uncomfortable with adding this information to your tour: Look at all the changes to your tour

Start a paragraph here


This text is aligned to the center

3. STYLE TAGS Example is underlined Bold can be done two ways. 1. by using the tag or by using strong works like Italics i is the old tag for Italics example

Will make text big

Will make text smaller

Will make text even smaller

4. INDENTING AND BREAK TAGS      This text is indented and this tag doesn't require a < >.
Using br will allow you to start a new line or paragraph. MEDIA 5. MEDIA TAGS
This tag will insert an image into you tour.
This tag will allow to embed flash media. This example is one I created for class. TABLES 6. TABLE TAGS this tag represents a row in your table this tag represent the number of columns in each row this end tag complete the row and must be used otherwise your row won’t look right
Type text hereType text here
This is a test      this is another test
  1. item 1
  2. item 2
  1. item 3
  2. item 4

This picture is from when the Japanese started to bomb Pearl Harbor!