Kudos for History Tours

*The idea and work completed is fabulous. When you zoom into Google Earth and look at the terrain it allows the viewer to see how difficult it was to move from place to place, the number of rivers that had to be crossed, etc. I am a visual learner and it brought the history to life for me.

*Wonderful! I already sent an email out to our social studies department chairperson. I even suggested we might use these as a way to get kids started making their own tours.

*What a neat idea. I loved even looking at the other pictures that were posted there. (Like the memorials)

*Nice wiki! I am doing my best to spread the gos pel of GE. -Jim, MI

*Ian and Jason did an incredible presentation at the Classroom 2.0 Conf. we had here at the IU and everyone was astonished at all they shared. Ian and Jason are the Google Earth Gurus!!!

*Love the Lewisburg tour! Thanks.

*You should toot your own horn - they are wonderful!

*The site is wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing the .kmz files