World History Tours

Tours from Mr. Lindenmuth's AP European History students
Inventions Throughout European History
Impressionist Art
World War II- European Theater
Concentration Camps
Versailles Palace Tour
World War II- Pacific Theater

Tours from Ian's AP European History students
The Development and Deployment of the Atomic Bomb
The Holocaust
The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte
Renaissance Artists
The Six Wives of Henry VIII
The European Theater of World War II

Special Tour: Follow the Olympic Torch... This Olympic relay has been marred in many different ways with protests and anti-Chinese sentiment boiling over in some instances, causing this relay to be one of the most controversial ever. This current tour has been updated through the domestic tour of the Hangzhou province. In light of the national tragedy of the 12th the relay finished its last leg in Hangzhou on 5/18. The next three days 19th-21st will be for national mourning and rememberance for victims of the earthquake. The relay will resume on May 22nd, 2008. While the domestic tour continues updates will be posted after the torch has been through the province.

The life of Mohandas Gandhi can be both informational and inspirational. Follow Gandhi from his upbringing through his nonviolence movements of the mid 20th century.

Idea for Implementation: While biographical tours are great for self study, the life of Gandhi incorporates a Discovery Education streaming video at the end of the tour. The teacher can informally assess at each stop of the tour and then culminate the lesson by having students watch the video on Gandhi and complete a summative assessment.

This tour is about the voyage Magellan and his men took as they circumnavigated the globe. In this tour you'll see Magellan's birth place and the community were Magellan would start his historic voyage. Throughout the tour you'll have the opportunity to see when and where Magellan's crew harbored by following the path. Additionally, other background information is provided at each of the pins as the voyage starts and ends.

Idea for implementation: It would be best used as a self-guided lesson if you have a computer lab or access to a mobile laptop lab. The tour gives a great deal of general information and some suprises about Magellans and his travels. After the students follow Magellan throughout his journey, we look at the impact this journey had on exploration and colonization throughout the world.

WWII Pacific.kmz
Originally when this project was started the concentration was going to be specifically on the Island Hopping campaign. In doing the research it was decided that would do justice to the War in Pacific talking about only on part of a very bloody campaign in the Pacific. For this tour, we put in the battles that we saw as the most significant in Pacific Theater. As we know history is very objective and others may see other battles as being equally important to the outcome of the War in the Pacific. For this tour we went with battles that are found in history books and taught about in many history classes.

Ideas for Implementation: For this tour I had students to a self-guided exploration on the War in the Pacific. After completing the tour, they answered a series of questions concerning what they did with another person in class. Class then reviewed questions and then asked the question: "With the information you got from the tour and what you know about the war in the Pacific, Do you think that the US dropping the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima saved lives?"

The Renaissance spread throughout Europe during the 16th century. This tour outlines its beginnings in Italy, through the expansion to Continental Europe, and into England.

Ideas for implementation: For this tour have students do an exploration of the spread of the Renaissance. At this point, each area has a short list of names of individuals that are import to the Renaissance in their respective country. For this tour, I have students take the names of the mentioned people and answer the following questions:

1. What did this person do during the Renaissance period?(works, other contributions)
2. In what areas did this person make these contributions?(religion, arts, science, etc..)
3. How has their work impacted us today? (can vary the number of examples you want here)

From here they can use this information to create a PPT, Photostory, Podcast, iMovie, Google Earth tour, etc… covering the information they got from their own exploration to present to the class. This could be done in group or individually. I prefer groups and that is how I did this with my class. Great tool for discovery learning!

This tour is for the Berlin Wall. The tour takes the user to the city and shows the division of the city after WWII and the unification of the allied controlled areas of the city as well.

Ideas for implementation: It is a visual tour and is meant to be run in a low tech environment (teacher computer, projector, and screen or board). Teachers could also use this is a high tech environment and have every student open the file and run on individual laptops. There is instructions for the tour at the first pin (Star pin). The instructions have ideas for using the tour, questions, and ideas for extending the activity.